• A new idea

    Sometimes ideas come when you are asleep.  I dreamed that I was mixing my red and white clay together to make beautiful dishes.  I went out to the studio this morning and took the risk.  I had 10 white stoneware cups, covered in plastic, that I had just put handles on the day before. These are my test subjects.  My dilemma in the past is that stains don't look that great on white clay as they do on red clay.  I like throwing white clay...it has more grog and stands up well.  It also is easy on my hands and clothes and my glazes look good on it. I want to use stains that stand out on my pieces without using all red clay. This is what I did.......I rolled red clay out 1/4 inch thick.  I cut out ovals or circles to fit the cup. I applied them to the white cup. I stamped out messages of encouragement, scripture and pictures on the applied clay. I covered the vessels with plastic for one more night.  I will uncover them tomorrow and put them on  a drying rack until bone dry.  I plan to glaze as usual and wipe off the surface of the applied red clay and let the glaze sink into the stamped area.  I think this will work.  We will see in about 10 days.
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