• Beautiful Weather

    It is 50 degrees of pure sunshine today.  I unloaded 2 test kilns to check out some new glaze ideas.  I love to test new glazes and formulas.  I will always love the chemistry and math part of my pottery.  It can be a very intellectually challenging art form.  You can go the easy way and buy products that have been formulated and prepackaged and prepared for the artist.  I prefer to use recipes that are formulated in colleges and mix them myself. It can be tricky and I do fail at times to get the results I was trying for.  But the mystery and challenge, to try formulations that are unique, is what keeps things interesting and exciting.  I wear a special mask and gloves when mixing to prevent any chemical poisoning in the raw form.  I also keep all the chemicals in a separate room from my pottery studio.  Chemical dust is dangerous. I have been sculpting more each week.  It helps me draw better.  The value scale(light to dark range of color or shadow) in the drawings directly reflects the depth of the subject in 3d form. If I sculpted a flat face....there wouldn't be much change in value.....or reality.  A 3d face has a large range of values because the depth of each part of the head and face is varied and not flat. I hope that makes sense.  Many people tend to draw faces flat....and it is unrealistic.  To make it more realistic, the face is sculpted with a pencil or color to show the changing light on the receding or protruding parts of the head and face.
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