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Desiree Young Art: I started painting when working on my masters in Biomedical Science about 7 years ago. I needed a humanities class and took painting 1. My amazing art instructor, Todd Lowery, encouraged me to try art as a career. Little did I know that an injury a year later would make me consider changing my career path. I've been painting and drawing daily. I love it. I used to dream I could capture the beauty that surrounds me on the farm, and now I have the tools to take a good try at it. I have been blessed to study with Adam and Andrea Clague, Michelle Dunaway, Susan Lyon, Scott Burdick, Stanka Kordic, Patrick Saunders, Tina Garrett's open studio, and Scottsdale open studio. I haven't tried to enter any major competitions yet, but plan to soon. Thank you for following me and please check out my instagram posts for new work weekly! I get asked if I still make pottery. Yes, but only for fun! I still have the great studio and share it with my friends. This was my old bio! Good Shepherd Pottery is located in rural southwest Missouri on our family farm. My work space is a converted red barn with stained glass windows. I love it! I am an artist at heart who continually experiments and designs new ideas. My clay is made in Missouri and the glazes are hand mixed from tested recipes that are food safe. Lace, plants, seeds, and hand carved stamps are commonly impressed into my pieces to add texture and add to its character.  All pieces are unique and hand made on my wheel or by slab. I want my work to reflect our Christian heritage, so many dishes also have scripture engraved in them. I want my work to be joyful.. I tend my clay scuptures and pieces like I used to tend my patients when I worked in the hospital as a nurse. I spend a lot of time contemplating and creating each piece. Creating in clay brings joy in my life.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to do this. I encourage customers to regularly use their pieces." Everyday art brings joy to life!" .