• New ideas

    I finally tried soaking a glaze firing for one hour.  The results were amazing.  I would highly recommend trying it at least once.  I had the kiln stall at 2200 degrees and the magic happened. All my glazes took on a different color and intensity. The work appeared more lively and artistic in nature.  I had 2 pieces that blistered....probably they were too hot, but it was worth the loss.   I gave away most of the pieces to friends who came to visit.  They loved the new look and I had to give it to them.  Their joy in receiving the pieces was worth more than the money I would have gotten if I sold them.  I have new work at the art gallery and sold 2 paintings this week.  I also have received a commission of another large painting and pottery order.  I thank God for the opportunity.  Allowing oneself to be creative is difficult at times because you almost feel guilty for playing and creating instead of other manual labor. I am very blessed.
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