• Underglaze or Overglaze recipe (glossy)

    This is a recipe that I tried and really liked.  You can paint a design on your pottery after you first dip the piece in a white or light colored glaze.  Use on the outside portion of a dish...as it may not be food safe.  Always test on a sample first. I fired this to cone 6. 3 parts EPK 3 parts Frit 3134 3 parts Mason stain Mix and add water.  Add a pinch of gum arabic to water to dissolve and then add to your mix to give it more body and keep it suspended.  Some people use laundry starch to do this instead.  This recipe worked wonderfully.  I plan to paint garden scenes on some of my dishes. Use it with a small brush for detail work.  This is not a body glaze. I also tried some Vince Pitelka stains that worked out nice.  I will put in a link to his site. http://iweb.tntech.edu/wpitelka/syllabi-handouts/handouts/patinas%20and%20glazes.htm
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