• Upcoming pottery classes at Good Shepherd Pottery

    Hello All, Christmas was wonderful. I hope you all had a wonderful season. My classes for the Winter/Spring term start in January. I will be offering a children's class on Saturday afternoons and 2 adult classes. One on Thursday nights and one on Saturday nights. Kids classes: Saturdays Jan15-Feb 19 from 12-2:30pm. We will begin with hand building cups and bowls. The class will make a small wall tile to hang in the home. The 5th week of class, the kids will get to experiment on the potter's wheel and make a small vessel. All dishes will be glazed and food safe. Tuition is $125 with a $15 lab fee. Lab fee covers the clay and firings. Adult classes. session 1:Thursdays Jan 20-Feb 24 from 6-9pm. session 2:March 3-April 7 from 6-9pm. session 3:April 14-May19 from 6-9pm. Thursday evening classes will be T and T classes. This class will be hand building for the beginner to the intermediate art student. Tiles and Trays are the emphasis. The tiles can be used for mosaics, wall hangings, coasters and trivets. This class will get to explore the many techniques used to decorate, carve, stamp and paint with clay. Tuition is $150 plus $30 lab fee. #25 clay and all firings and supplies for creation are included with the lab fee. Saturday evening classes are the same schedule as above, but are for those who want to try their hand at the potter's wheel. We have 6 wheels. This is for the beginner or the intermediate art student. You will learn the process of creating wheel formed vessels. You will create about 6-8 Takers in the process. Bowls and cups and jars will be the focus of your first projects. Tuition is $150 plus a $30 lab fee which includes #25 of clay and firings. Please feel free to forward this message to friends. I have space for 6 students per class.
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